“Now that the Summer dust has settled, I am writing to thank you for your great work with the Beckett School, and for the wonderful opportunity you set up for my students. I have been in touch with [both of my students] recently, and I can tell they are still riding a joyous wave after their experience in Dublin. It is safe to say that this was a defining event in their academic careers, and, judging by their passion for Beckett, a defining event in their life. I should add that they were both genuinely impressed by the quality of the lectures and the seminars (in particular Caselli´s seminar), and greatly enjoyed all the other para-academic activities (trips, exhibits, dinners, etc.). You probably know it already, but it never hurts to be told: this school is a great thing, and you ought to be proud.”

– Ruben Borg, Lecturer in English Literature, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2013

“The strength of the Samuel Beckett Summer School lies in its variety. How it approaches its subject, the diversity of opinions I encountered in one week at Trinity, the people I met. It is a foundation for those who are studying Beckett for the first time, or another step up for those who may be more familiar with him. I left with a new image of Beckett, one that had him as not solely Irish, but because of the people I had met and the lessons I had learned, but one that was international as well”

– Andrew McEwan, student at the Samuel Beckett Summer School 2012

“The Summer School offered a sensitively designed, busy programme with many complementary strains. […] By the end of the week, somewhere between exhaustion and elation, Friday’s banquet provided an enjoyable and very tasty end to the week’s activities. This year’s Summer School is a testament to the many die-hard Beckett enthusiasts who eagerly participated in what was a marathon week in Dublin”

– Georgina Nugent-Folan, The Beckett Circle, 2012