Housing Option 1

Shared apartments and single rooms (Front Square, New Square, Botany Bay):

new-square-apt-livingroom copy
New Square Apartment — Living Room (above) and Kitchen (below left) / New Square Single Bedroom Ensuite (below right)

Located in the most historic parts of campus and very recently renovated, these apartments have two or three single bedrooms, a large kitchen / living room and one bathroom. All bedrooms have individual locks. Apartments are serviced daily excluding Sundays. Breakfast at the Buttery is included in the rate for Housing Option 1. These rooms are wifi enabled.

Housing Option 2

Single rooms in four- and five-bedroomed apartments (Goldsmiths Hall):

Gold 1

Gold 2Adjacent to the historic part of campus, this student accommodation in Goldsmiths Hall consists of apartments with four to five single bedrooms with shared bathroom and kitchen area. Bedrooms are serviced daily excluding Sundays. Wifi access is available in the rooms. There is no breakfast option with the rate for Housing Option 2.