Staff and Faculty on the set of Pan Pan's Embers
Staff and Faculty of the third annual Beckett Summer School on the set of Pan Pan’s Embers

The Samuel Beckett Summer School can be reached by email at
or by post at
Samuel Beckett Summer School
c/o Sam Slote
School of English
Trinity College
Dublin 2

The School itself will take place in various locations on the central Dublin campus of Trinity College, including Trinity Long Room Hub, the Trinity College Library, the Samuel Beckett Centre, and the Arts Technology Research Laboratory.

The Committee of the Samuel Beckett Summer School includes Dr. Nicholas Johnson, Dr. Sam Slote, Dr. Julie Bates and Dr. Feargal Whelan (co-directors)  It is a joint venture of the School of English and the School of Drama, Film and Music.

For any marketing or press information please contact Nicholas Johnson on: