C.J. Ackerley was, until his recent retirement, Professor of English at the University of Otago, in Dunedin, New Zealand. His speciality is annotation. Over the past four years he has been part of a team editing and annotating several previously unpublished works by Malcolm Lowry, including a “lost” novel, In Ballast to the White Sea (U Ottawa P, 2014). He has published Demented Particulars: the Annotated ‘Murphy’ (1996) and Obscure Locks, Simple Keys: the Annotated ‘Watt’ (2005); and he has written, with Stan Gontarski, the Grove Press and Faber Companion to Samuel Beckett (2005 & 2006). He has recently published ‘Sweets of Sin’, an attempt to render the complexities of Ulysses and the Joyce industry into eighteen limericks. His major current work is a study of Samuel Beckett and Science, of which the Trinity College presentation of ‘Samuel Beckett and Physics’ is part.


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