Anthony Uhlmann is the author of two books on Samuel Beckett: Beckett and Poststructuralism (Cambridge UP, 1999) and Samuel Beckett and the Philosophical Image (Cambridge UP, 2006), both of which consider the manner in which Beckett engages with philosophy. He is co-editor with Martin Wilson and Han van Ruler of Arnold Geulincx’s Ethics with Samuel Beckett’s Notes (Brill, 2006) and was the chief editor of the Journal of Beckett Studies from 2008–2013. His most recent work on Beckett is Beckett in Context (as editor, Cambridge UP, 2013). His most recent monograph is Thinking in Literature: Joyce, Woolf, Nabokov. He is currently working on two projects: one on the novels of J. M. Coetzee, and another on Spinoza and literary theory. He is the Director of the Writing and Society Research Centre at the University of Western Sydney, Australia.


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