Welcome to the Samuel Beckett Summer School

28 July- 2 August 2019


Now in its ninth year, the Samuel Beckett Summer School provides a unique experience for students, scholars and lovers of Beckett’s works to engage with a faculty drawn from the world’s foremost Beckett scholars, all in the surroundings of Trinity College Dublin, the author’s alma mater.

Take part in seminars, lectures, public performances, guided tours and lively discussions in a stimulating and convivial atmosphere of this historic institution.

This year’s programme sees lectures from Olga Beloborodova, S. E. Gontarski, Nicholas Johnson, Pascale Sardin, and Katherine Weiss.

Daily seminar topics include:

Beckett’s Manuscripts (Mark Nixon & Dirk Van Hulle)
Beckett and Irish History (Feargal Whelan)
Beckett’s Bilingual Oeuvre (Pascale Sardin)
Reading Beckett’s Drama (Jonathan Heron)
Performance Workshop (Sarah Jane Scaife)

The performances and public programme featured include:

Gare St Lazare Ireland’s How It Is: Part Two (in-progress)
Beckett and Contemporary Irish Writing (Julie Bates)
Beckett Behind Bars
Tour of the Beckett Country (Feargal Whelan)

Additional social events and public activities will be announced.

Student Symposium: Sunday, 4 August 2019
The 2019 Summer School will host an additional symposium featuring research and discussion by participants in the school, on the Sunday following the activities of the school (4 August 2019). We hope that this enhances the opportunity for current students and researchers to engage and reflect on their activities, and is the first step toward making the Summer School a credit-bearing course. Please contact johnson@tcd.ie for enquiries related to the symposium, or express your interest on the registration form.

Please email samuel.beckett@tcd.ie for any enquiries.

The Beckett Summer School began in 2011 as a project of the School of English and the School of Creative Arts at Trinity College Dublin. Since 2017, it forms a core part of the activities of the Trinity Centre for Beckett Studies, formed by a partnership between those two schools, the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultural Studies, and the Trinity Library. The Summer School is housed on campus at the Trinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute, which also hosts the research centre.